"Pretty is as

pretty does."


My grandmother has been saying this to me since I was a

child and doesn't let a visit go by without reminding me of

these words.


Her point is simple and sweet. Outward beauty is fleeting.

We are only as beautiful as our spirits and actions.


With my particular brand of artistry, I strive to bring out the beauty in every client that already exists inwardly. My goal

is to enhance your natural sparkle, not create a mask.

Whether you seek a clean, fresh-faced glow for headshots

or a sultry simmer for a night out, I can happily execute the look. I bring a piece of me to each face. Every girl deserves to be a "LoveLEY Girl."


An actor by trade, based in Los Angeles,  I am experienced

in providing makeup that delivers on camera and onstage.

As a makeup artist, I look forward to helping you look your

best whether you're showing your face to a packed full house

or just an audience of one.